Musikalischer SteckbriefMusic Career

Musical Career Joachim Dölker

  • Born in Osnabrück in 1962
  • Classical piano lessons 1967-1975
  • Drumming and percussion lesson from 1973 on
  • After I quit my law studies in 1984, I started a career as a professional musician and composer 
  • In 1985 I won a rock award for the county of lower Saxony with the funk-rock band ‘Uncle Jam’
  • In 1986 I won a Sponsorship award at the ‘Jazzpodium Niedersachsen’, with the group ‘Bourbon’
  • 1986-1988 I played in a band on behalf of and funded by the German Federal Employment Agency, nation wide and on television on several occasions on different channels (NDR,RTL,SAT1 and many more)
  • 1988-2010 work as a teacher for drumming, percussion and ensemble performance at the Kreismusikschule Osnabrück  e.V. (music school for the county of Osnabrück)
  • 1989 internship and training in the field of  ‘early musical education for children’, in the ‘Städtische Musikschule’ (local music school) in the city of Rheine
  • From 1989 on I worked for the LAG- Rock Niedersachsen as a workshop leader for drumming, percussion and ensemble music in the subject area ‘Pop-music’
  • 1991 foundation of the Percussion Trio ‘Exhausted Groove Orchestra’ (EGO)
  • 1995 and 1999 I received international Kleinkunstpreise (art awards) for unconventional compositions, shows and choreographies 
  • 1994-1998 numerous  gigs  with EGO on television e.g. on tv-shows like Jürgen v.d. Lippe (ARD), Götz Alsmann (NDR), Disney-Club (ARD) Up`n Swutsch (N3 Radio Bremen)  etc.
  • 1996 – 2000 Europe wide gigs at festivals i.a. with Sheila E (PRINCE), Jonathan Moffet (MADONNA, MICHAEL JACKSON), Louis Conte (PHIL COLLINS, SANTANA),Terry Bozzio (ZAPPA, STEVE VAI), Simon Phillips (TOTO, THE WHO) and many more.
  • From 1994 on endorser for Pearl-Drums and Sabian-Cymbals
  • Tours and Concerts with Supercharge, Phönix, Dieter Bohlen, Tommy Schneller Extravaganza, Sinister Vision, Backslash, and many more.
  • Since 1993 many gigs as Performance artist at art- events and vernissages
  • Composition and Conception of Performance shows on request of Mercedes, Zeppelin Baumaschinen, Krone-Trailer, MAN, Deutsche Bank and many more
  • Since 1990 Studio CD recordings with several different musician, i.a. on request of Peter Finger’s ACOUSTIC-MUSIC-RECORD-LABELS
  • 1998 and 2000 I was invited to and took part in international conventions for music teachers at the music college in cologne, where I also presented my own teaching programme ‘"Groove it all up-Rhythmus training mit Biss". (“Groove it all up – the witty and cunning rhythm training”)
  • From 1999 to 2016 I gave numerous workshops,
    seminars and trainings for teachers 
  • In 2003 the percussion walk-act ‘GO!’ was founded
    and since then performed a great number of Shows 
  • 2001-2003 as a session musician for percussion on world tour with the rock band  `THE SCORPIONS` (gigs in  Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Greece, France, Portugal, Russia)
  • 2006 on tour in England and Scotland, as session drummer for Snowy White (Guitarist from Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Thin Lizzy)
  • 2006 rhythm workshop at the primary school in Bad Essen (40 Children, grade 2-4) and participation in the national competition “Kinder zum Olymp”
  • 2007-2014 lectureship for Rhythm ‘n Groove at the music college in Osnabrück
  • 2011 formation of the percussion-performance group “Groove Onkels feat. Tante” (the groove uncles and their auntie), with seven drum students
  • 2012 invitation to the German TV-talent shows ‘DAS SUPERTALENT’ on RTL- TV. The Uncles’ wheelie-bin percussion show, called ‘Gelber Sack’ was aired on October 2012.
  • 2012-2016 the Groove Uncles performed about 250 times, mostly on request of major companies, at events, conventions and street art festivals. 



  • On the second august 2015 Jo performed live with the GROOVE ONKELS at the "ZDF Fernsehgarten" on German TV!
  • In September 2015 Karl Pilkington from british TV-chanel Sky1 visited the GROOVE ONKELS in there hometown Osnabrück in Germany to shoot a film of their trash performance. In November this performance was shown in the TV serial 
    "The moaning of Life" on Sky1 TV.


  • 2015 (August-October)
    Six weeks concert-tour all over China
    as the drummer of uygur Rock singer and guitarist
    Perhat Khaliq with the
    "Morgenland Allstar Band" 

    Concerts in:
    Beijing, Shanghai,
    ShenZhen, Wuhan,
    Nanjin, Hefei,
    Wen Zhou, Chang Zhou,
    Dalian, Zheng Zouh,
    Jiaxing, Hoh Hot,
    Tai Yuan, Chong Qing,
    Cheng Du, Shen Zhen,
    Hui Zhou, Dong Guan.....

  • 2015 October 1st:
    Live TV-Show at the 
    "The Voice of China Festival"
    Open Air in Shanghai
    with Perhat Khaliq`s Qetiq




  • 2016, April 11th-17th
    Jo composed and performed
    35 special percussion shows
    at the construction fair BAUMA `16
    in Munich, Germany
    with the Groove Onkels
    for the manufacturing company of building mashines
  • 2016, 23rd-25th of june:
    two concerts plus one workshop in the
    Victoria Theatre Singapore as a part of the International Festival of Modern Arts O.P.E.N. in Singapore
    with Perhat Khaliq`s Qetiq.

concert review:todayonline.com



  • 2016, August 26th,
    live-show with Perhat Khaliq & Qetiq 
    at Chao Yang Fun Music Festival,
    Beijing, China
  • 2016, 28th and 31st of December,
    two concerts with Perhat Khaliq & Qetiq in Urumchi and Karamay,
    Xingjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China
  • 2017, February 23rd to 25th,
    7 shows and one interactive workshop within the festival "Spring of Culture", Manama, Bahrain,
    with the Groove Onkels
  • 2017, 28th of June to 6th of July
    9 shows within the
    Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo
    at the Scotiabank Centre, Halifax, Canada
    in front of about 7000 people in the audience every day!
  • 2017, 15th - 17th of September, 10 shows at the 2017 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX!
  • In October 2017 the Groove Onkels performed 4 Shows for Volvo Construction Mashines within the event "VOLVO ON TOUR" at the company SWECON Baumaschinen GmbH in Monheim, Germany!