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"You`ve got to move it"

Show Performance + Join-in Percussion

I design and conceptualize customized percussion workshops for you and your employees.
These workshops are a combination of entertainment and participation.
More precisely, at first we present our show act and then the workshop participants get to try it out themselves.

Our Show-and- Join-in Combination 
It’s all gone down the drain… Instruments are in vain’
is particularly popular, as it guarantees a fun and social group experience.

After a short introduction show (either with the Groove Uncles or GO!)
we provide all participants with a bucket and a spoon,
which we use as percussion instruments. 

We then show you how to produce groovy rhythms in no time. 

Step by step we teach the group our choreography of rhythmic moves and sounds.
We chose buckets and spoons over real drums and the traditional
drum circle concept, because drumming on a bucket does not require any skills or special techniques.
Therefore the participants are under no pressure, they are more open to try out rhythms and can really focus on the experience and the group dynamic.

We are very flexible when it comes to instruments.
That means, besides buckets and spoons, many other objects can serve as ‘drums’.

This concept makes it possible to design a show-workshop-combination
that suits Your company and the product you stand for.

So far we have worked with groups of any size, with between 10 - 5000 participants. 

Hire us now for your company event and employee workshops:



Die Wirtschaft, The Wizard From Bohmte, 05.03.15 von Christoph Lützenkirchen