Live recordings – Capture the Moment

In order to capture the vivid and authentic atmosphere of a live event on video,
you need very high quality picture and sound recordings -
And we will give you that! 

We are, Jan Kramer, the owner of the recording studio ‘Klanglounge’ in Osnabrück, and Joachim Dölker.

For the video recording we use nine HD Cameras, which makes it possible to film from up to nine different angles,
either in motion or from fixed positions.
For the refining of the video material we use Final Cut Pro X.
For the sound recordings we use up to 32 audio tracks
which we later cut and mix in the recording studio. 

We work with high standard equipment and we have the skills
and experience to capture your event in its full extent.  

More information at: 

Joachim Dölker at YouTube