Drum & Percussion Lessons

I also give private lessons to motivated people who are eager to learn,
and passionate about drum and percussion play.

For more than 20 years I was employed as drum and percussion teacher
at the biggest communal music school of Northern Germany,
the Kreismusikschule Osnabrück.e.V.
However, since 2010 I preferably work freelance.   

Further, I offer private tuition for student in preparation
for the entrance examination at the music college in Osnabrück (IfM). 
I prepare the students on the basis of my seven years work
experience as a tutor at this music college. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Coaching for percussion groups

I have a lot of experience with all different kinds of percussion groups,
on professional and amateur level. 
I offer, as for instance, to teach innovative and experimental elements
of Groove-and Show performance to percussion ensembles,
which usually pursue rather traditional approaches to percussion music.   

I look forward to your requests!

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"ZOMFG" with Jo Dölker

The Rhythm Of The Rain Butt, NOZ 06.08.2009