IfM OsnabrückMusic College (IfM) Osnabrück

[Translate to englisch:] Hochschule für Musik (IfM) Osnabrück

Since 2007 the music college in Osnabrück offers
popular music as study subject.
I was employed as teacher for “Rhythm’n Groove”,
which covers drum and percussion music.
This module is obligatory for all music students at the academy.
Thus, I tutored not only drum students but, e.g. guitar players and singers as well.
In the course of this module I explored and practised different kinds of rhythmic music with my students.
At the end of each term, the students then gave a final performance in which they could present their newly achieved skills.
These final shows were always a highlight!
There are some videos of student performances below.

By the way, the Grove Onkels (see Projects!),
emerged from one of my “Rhythm’n Groove” classes.

At the moment, I can’t teach at the Music College due to high demand for my other music projects.

Enjoy the videos.

Ölkrise 2013

Gelber Sack 2011

Rappelkiste 2012

Jungs die Mädchen 2010

Song? Go! 2012

Pe-Döh-Döh-Döh 2013

Damenwahl 2010