The complete "different" Marching-Band!

Mobil, Cheeky and Interactive!

We groove in the style of a New Orleans Marching Band,
with power and drive.
And as we march along, we use any kinds of objects to create sounds.
A street lamp can serve as cymbal, why not?
We have the energy and the skills to kick over traces to amaze you.

Mobil, cheeky and interactive - 

That is how Brazzzz unites dedication for traditional New Orleans sounds
with humor and drum entertainment of finest quality.

We play everything that brazzzes:
Dixie, Funk, Blues, Rock, Brass music, Latin and Pop.

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Stephen Struck – Trumpet and Vocals

He is a very talented trumpet player who was the head of the Warner Brothers Brass Band; also he was a member of and arranger for the Bill Haley orchestra, and played in the German-Turkish Ensemble Araname, and many more ensembles.

Alex Morsey – Sousaphon and Tuba

Morsey is well known as double bass player,
tube player and arranger.

He plays with Un Tango Mas, Disguise, Lutz Wiechert Trio.
Also he works with Jan Klare, Herb Geller, Silvia Droste,
Joachim Raffel, Ack van Rooyen ... and many more.
Alex Morsey has contributed to more than forty CD recordings,
played gigs all over the world, e.g. Central America, USA,
China and Thailand... just to name some.

Joachim Dölker: Drums

(more information see ‘About me’)

The Brazzz band can be enlarged on request,
e.g. with a saxophone, trombone or accordion player,
a singer or a second percussionist…. 

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BRAZZZ also works perfectly in a full length concert!