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"G0T Rhythm?"

The ultimate Percussion-Show

that works ever and everywhere!

Trash Percussion Show:
‘It’s all gone down the drain… Instruments are in vain’

We are the Groove Onkels feat. Tante (The Groove Uncles and their Auntie)
and our slogan is ‘Alles im Eimer.... Instrumente braucht keiner’
(‘It’s all gone down the drain… Instruments are in vain’).
We do exceptional and thrilling rhythm shows with buckets and garbage bins.
Our main ‘instruments’ are eight big wheelie bins which we beat with passion
and power, to create electrifying sounds that you certainly did not expect from a bin.

And these rhythms and beats will move your feet!

Well, we definitely can’t stand still - We are jumping, kicking, drumming and dashing.
We get wild with the music but we always keep in step and every beat strikes.

As the German TV-personality and musician Dieter Bohlen commented on our performance:

“It’s a fusion of Brazilian Carnival and Queen’s ‘WE WILL ROCK YOU’ ”

GOT Rhythm?

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Der Gelbe Sack! (The yellow Bag!)

Wittlager Kreisblatt, 01.07.17, Johanna Kollorz

NOZ, Musical Bin Men As YouTube-Hit, 14.02.2015 by Hauke Petersen

Wittlager Kreisblatt 01.08.2015, Groove Onkels live in "ZDF-Fernsehgarten" TV-Show

Interactive Show Concept

"You´ve got to move it!"

We also offer the Groove Onkels‘ show 
‘It’s all gone down the drain…
Instruments are in vain’ 
as a join-in percussion event!

You've got to move it! – that is our device.

Every participant gets a plastic bucket and a spoon as percussion instruments.
Separated in 3-4 groups with one coach for every group
we then teach you several different rhythm patterns.
The instructions are simple:

We show you what to do, and then you learn it by doing it yourself, step by step.

No skills are prerequisite and no pressure given.
So, the participants can focus on the group experience,
and with our guidance create a groovy performance. 

This show is interactive, dynamic and electrifying. 

We can do this show for groups with up to 5000 participants!

Book us now with this extraordinary join-in percussion show

THE interactive Action for EVERY Event!
Have a look:

"You´Ve got to move it" - Show & Action with the Groove Onkels

"Alles Im Eimer-Instrumente braucht keiner" - Show & Action with the Groove Onkels

Customized Percussion shows

We design a show that suits you and the product you stand for as a company.  

You need an original percussion performance on the occasion of the release of a new product, the celebration of a company jubilee, or you want us to introduce your company at a trade fair.....? 

The Groove Onkels design and perform customized, uniquely themed, infectious percussion shows on your behalf. 

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Played Alive!

Da Simmer dabei!